KetoBakes Sage and Thyme Stuffing



  • Just made the stuffing… super delicious!

    Jana Allain
  • I just made the stuffing recipe, and wow! It tastes like the real deal. This is the first time I have ever made the best ever sandwich buns, and they are delicious. Once the bread was made and cubed, I toasted in the oven with a little olive oil. Then followed the directions for the stuffing. I add some apples and pecans, and a little of the Bells poultry seasoning and some melted butter. Just took it out of the oven… so good!

    I am a T2 diabetic, and this is my first Thanksgiving as a diabetic. I truly thought my favorite dishes would be no more. That is not the case now. Next up… sugar free chocolate cream pie with the buttery flaky pie crust! I am in heaven!

    Jana Allain
  • I am super excited to try this! As a T2 diabetic, I miss eating bread stuffing. The traditional stuffing sends my sugars through the roof. However, I don’t have that problem with these products. I’m doing my happy dance!

    Jana Allain

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