Refreshing Hydration Bundle!
Refreshing Hydration Bundle!
Refreshing Hydration Bundle!
Refreshing Hydration Bundle!

Refreshing Hydration Bundle!

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SAVE on this Hydration Lemonade & Pink Hydration Bundle

Two mixes makes up to 16 gallons!

Enjoy both of our new refreshing Lemonade flavors and SAVE 

Each makes up to 8 Gallons! That's up to 72 (16 oz) glasses - super economical sugar-free beverage!

Experience our all new STEVIA ONLY sweetened clean keto Lemonade! Refreshing, tangy with perfectly balanced sweetness! It's got just the right amount of zesty lemon balanced with our special stevia for well rounded sweetness. We love that it has Himalayan mineral salt for hydration and flavor enhancement, too! 

With a hint of natural strawberry flavor and beet powder for color, our PINK LEMONADE is over the top delicious!

Cheaper than soda, it's an economical value for the whole family!

Get the family off sugar for good! 


What makes our Sugar-Free Hydration Mix special?

  • All Natural
  • Whole Food Ingredients
  • only 1 g carb
  • only 5 calories
  • No sugar Alcohols
  • No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, or Colors
  • No Corn Syrup or chemicals
  • Diabetic Friendly and Low Calorie
  • Hydrating
  • Keto Approved
  • Kid Approved

 Great for Low Carb Mixers, too!

Note from the founders: 

We were looking for CLEAN KETO lemonade - no sugar, no artificial sweeteners or artificial anything, no maltodextrin, soy lecithin, or preservatives while still maintaining 1 carb or less per 16 oz serving... and could not find anything. We found a couple of products that were CLOSE to our wishes, but not exactly. And not cost effective.

This is what we found our objections were:

  • Crystal Light - aspartame, artificial color, maltodextrin, soy lecithin, BHA preservative
  • Pure by Crystal Light - sugar, carbs too high
  • Target - aspartame
  • Great Value - aspartame, artificial color
  • Amazon brand - aspartame
  • Country Time - aspartame, soy, artificial color
  • GramZero - carbs too high, cost
  • Now Foods - cost, xylitol
  • True Lemon - sugar, cost
  • 4C Totally Light - cost, sucralose
  • RSVP - cost

We decided to create our own seeing the need in the marketplace - not to mention our own family's needs. We have been going through expensive hydration packets like there's no tomorrow... and now are replacing most of those with our own KetoJoy Beverage Line. We've included mineral salts for pure hydration. (And we love the depth of flavor this beneficial ingredient lends to the flavor profile.) 

We started with our whole fruit lemon product which includes lemon oil for flavor burst and our special stevia extract powder - a pure concentrated non-bitter sweetener that tastes like sugar. 

After much trial and error, we are super happy to bring this special sugar free lemonade to the marketplace - plant based, gluten free, junk free - and packaged in a bag with a long handled mini scoop to make it easy to measure! 

Enjoy friends!

Mark & Becky