3 PK Best EVER Keto Sandwich Buns Mix
3 PK Best EVER Keto Sandwich Buns Mix
3 PK Best EVER Keto Sandwich Buns Mix

3 PK Best EVER Keto Sandwich Buns Mix

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Save on 2 pk Hot Cocoa Bundle - 20 Servings each for a total of 40 Servings


Cozy, creamy, chocolatey and perfectly sweet!  Just 1 gram of net carbs! per 8-10 oz. serving! 

1 Package = 20 Servings, with 19g serving scoop for easy portioning

A whopping 14 grams MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides C8 and C10 from coconut oil) per serving! Fat burning MCT produces ketones within 15 minutes in the body for mental clarity and a mood boost!  Plus, our flavonoid-rich cocoa is full of powerful antioxidants and minerals. 

This is not your average Hot Cocoa! 

Rich, smooth and velvety. Tastes of deep chocolate with a hint of melted marshmallow ... mmm.

Dissolves well - Mix with 8 -10 oz. hot water or 8 -10 oz. heated unsweetened nut milk, hemp or other low carb milk. Our favorite is half water and half milk!

Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Clean Keto, No Maltodextrin

6 carb - 5 fiber (acacia fiber) = 1 net carb per serving


Have you looked at the labels of leading sugar-filled hot chocolate brands in America? It's shocking!

We are proud to bring you a CLEAN LABEL HOT CHOCOLATE drink that has NO JUNK:

- NO Aspartame or Artificial Sweeteners
- NO Artificial Colors or Flavors
- NO Junk Oils
- NO Preservatives
- NO Sugars or Corn Syrup
- NO Soy
- NO Gluten
- NO Starches

Made in a dedicated gluten free facility by incredible humans in Mount Pleasant, TN, USA

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