30 delicious days of comfort food designed to help you effortlessly
and permanently shift to the benefits of a low carb life!!

Have you tried KETO in the past?

Fell off the Keto Wagon?

We feel you!

That carbohydrate addiction is REAL!

We’ve designed this 30 day package with you in mind.

We've filled your 30 days with comfort foods that feel "carby" but aren't actually carbs at all, so your body can begin burning fat for fuel!

"If I can eat that food on a diet, I definitely could do 30 days!" - Brody W.

Yes!   Finally a diet that doesn't feel like a diet.

You will be cooking and baking nutritious healing meals with Real Food, but we know you are busy!

So we do the heavy lifting!

  • Real Food Mixes - These goodies are those little extras that make the plan feel so normalizing. Desserts and Breads, oh yeah!

Satisfying Delicious Menu - Our 30 day menu includes the most delicious American favorites for 2 satisfying, filling meals per day, designed to heal your metabolism. Our 30 day box is enough for 2 people!

What will I be eating?

You'll enjoy things like:

  • •Pizza Night with RootBeer Floats
  • •Biscuits & Gravy Brunch
  • •Fresh Salads
  • •Comforting Soups with Buttery Biscuits
  • •Strawberry Shortcake Waffle Stack
  • •Bacon Cheeseburgers on real buns
  • •Brazilian Garlic Steak Bites with Grilled Vegetables
  • •Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • •Brownies
  • •Coffee and Cookie breaks
  • ... have you ever heard of diet food like this?

Enjoy Benefits like:
Fat loss
Boosted Immunity
Reduced Inflammation
Mental Clarity
Vibrant Energy
Blood Sugar Balance
Increased Sense of Well Being
Enjoy a New Relationship with Food!

We empower you to take control of your health through the foods you eat!

You are given a 30 day roadmap that will reacquaint you with your kitchen (you’ll be eating nutrient-rich REAL FOOD) - while not keeping you in your kitchen all day (we know you are busy!).

You’ll be preparing delicious fresh entrees and baked goods in minutes! And some meals are “reheat to eat” for no cook days!

"What is in the box?"

30 Day Keto Kit for Carb Lovers BOOK

--which includes Menu for 30 days, Recipes for meals and shopping lists - to serve 2 people

--instructions and tips for success!

The 30 Day Keto Kit for Carb Lovers MIXES - 15 Products

2 - Best EVER Buns Mix

2 - Buttery Biscuits Mix

1 - Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins Mix

1 - Iced Lemon Loaf Mix

1 - Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Mix

1 - Golden Waffles Mix

1 - Dreamy Vanilla Ice Cream Mix

1 - Frosted Fudgy Brownie Mix

1 - Butterflake Pie Crust (Quiche)

1 - Frosty Chocolate Ice Cream Mix

1 - Snickerdoodle Cookies Mix

1 - Pizza Crust Mix

1 - Frosted Cinnamon Rolls Mix