INTRODUCING our LIVE 30-DAY Transformation Challenge!

A step-by-step guide to 30 days of clean, keto meals that don’t feel like a sacrifice

15 Clean, Keto
Baking Mixes
30-Days of LIVE
Coaching & Support
Illustrated Guidebook


We've filled your 30 days with comfort foods that feel "carby" and satisfying but aren't actually carbs at all, so your body can efficiently begin burning fat for fuel!

We’ve designed this 30-day program with you in mind. It is SUPER EASY, ULTRA SATISFYING and INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!

Don’t spend another January on the diet roller coaster. Join us for our LIVE 30-Day transformation program to make LASTING change.


So we’re doing the heavy lifting this January!

This 30-Day program includes:

15 of our delicious Clean Keto full size Mixes - Delivered to your door in time to for our January 1st start date

48-page illustrated book - with your entire month in guidance and recipes that you can use over and over again

LIVE kitchen sessions - Join Becky, creator of KetoBakes for our 1 hour weekend prep sessions! Bake with us and hop on live to ask your questions.

Daily video instruction - Stay on track with our private Facebook group for a plug-and-play system to simplify your lifestyle shift

Daily prompts - We’ll post your daily inspiration, education, and what to eat so you don’t get sidetracked by the busyness of everyday life

Caring community - Health goals happen faster and easier with a fun community cheering you on

On-demand answers - Don’t stay stuck! Becky and team will be in the private facebook group each day answering your questions.


In 30 days you can ...

➡ Change the way you feel

➡ Break your sugar addiction

➡ Reduce or eliminate pain

➡ Hit your fat loss goals

Reshape your body

➡ Gain mental clarity

Bakery Goods on a diet??
Yep and are they ever good!

"If I can eat that food on a diet,
I definitely could do 30 days!" - Brody W.

The 30-Day Challenge Box Includes:

2 - Best EVER Buns Mix

2 - Buttery Biscuits Mix

1 - Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins Mix

1 - Iced Lemon Loaf Mix

1 - Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Mix

1 - Golden Waffles Mix

1 - Dreamy Vanilla Ice Cream Mix

1 - Frosted Fudgy Brownie Mix

1 - Butterflake Pie Crust (Quiche)

1 - Frosty Chocolate Ice Cream Mix

1 - Snickerdoodle Cookies Mix

1 - Pizza Crust Mix

1 - Frosted Cinnamon Rolls Mix

What The Plan Looks Like


2 filling, balanced meals per day

Centered around moderate protein (to build muscle) and healthy fats (to fuel your brain!)

Staying under 20 net carbs per day

No calorie counting

Focus is on shifting from glucose burning to fat burning

No calorie counting (range 1100 - 1600 calories per day - and more for larger people)

Clean keto + Low carb + gluten free - we show you which foods will enhance your health and not add to toxic load

No cooking or baking skills necessary

Why our products?


We are 100% Natural
Clean Keto
Gluten Free • Dairy Free
Grain Free • Starch Free
Wheat Free • Soy Free
Sugar Free
Artificial Sweetener Free


We adopted the keto lifestyle after multiple health issues surfaced in our family and found ourselves making all our low carb foods from scratch.
We’re sharing our family favorites with you! They're easy to bake and so delicious that our own family asks for them daily!
If you’re not deliriously happy we will gladly refund you.
See our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Balanced blood sugar levels are important because increased blood sugar can lead to anxiety, brain fog, low energy, extra body fat and metabolic disorders.
That's why all of our products are formulated to be very low net carb count with little to no impact on blood sugar levels. Experience REAL LIFE!
Each product is only
0g net carbs - 4g net carbs per serving