Frosted Fudgy Brownies

Just 1 net carb! These. are. divine.

Fudgy brownies with dark chocolate ganache frosting layer. Our sweets have no cooling effect so they are perfect for sharing (or not!) Just add the mix to a few keto staples and bake!

Ganache mix included! 

Makes 8"x 8" pan - serves 16

Necessary Additions: butter, refined coconut oil, eggs

Dairy-Free use: butter flavored coconut oil, refined coconut oil)

The Best Keto Brownies!


  • Curb your chocolate cravings, with these decadent thick, fudgy brownies!
  • Gluten Free, Sugar Free, No artificial ingredients, and only 1g Net carb, makes these the PERFECT treat.


Why our products?


We are 100% Natural
Clean Keto
Gluten Free • Dairy Free
Grain Free • Starch Free
Wheat Free • Soy Free
Sugar Free
Artificial Sweetener Free


We adopted the keto lifestyle after multiple health issues surfaced in our family and found ourselves making all our low carb foods from scratch.
We’re sharing our family favorites with you! They're easy to bake and so delicious that our own family asks for them daily!
If you’re not deliriously happy we will gladly refund you.
See our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Balanced blood sugar levels are important because increased blood sugar can lead to anxiety, brain fog, low energy, extra body fat and metabolic disorders.
That's why all of our products are formulated to be very low net carb count with little to no impact on blood sugar levels. Experience REAL LIFE!
Each product is only
0g net carbs - 4g net carbs per serving

The PERFECT pair, brownies and ice cream...

These brownies store best in the fridge, and taste even better chilled! They make the PERFECT grab and go treat, or sit down and savor dessert - like brownie chunks with KetoJoy vanilla ice cream, or a thick piece of brownie, with a big scoop of Coffee flavored ice cream and chocolate drizzle on top!!

"Ok… yumm! When I used to make full sugar brownies I would always put coffee in the batter and it would bring out the best chocolate flavor in the brownies, that’s how these taste! So chocolaty and no sweetener taste. To me they were 100x better the next day - so I do recommend preparing ahead of time :) I’ll definitely be buying again!"


"We just had these fudgy brownies for my husbands birthday cake! It was rich and delicious and he absolutely LOVED it. I'm excited to order more from you folks!!!"

Kate Buttke

"These are my favorite low carb treat!! They knocked it out of the ballpark with these brownies, I've made them twice and they're my go to sweet when hubby is having high carb sweets. From what I remember these taste just like homemade high carb brownies. I will buy them again and again. Thanks for the great product. "