Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs
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keto bread baguette sliced

Best EVER Sandwich Buns | 2g net carbs

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Just 2 net carbs per sandwich bun! You'll love the fluffy texture and yeasty flavor reminiscent of homemade white bread fresh from the oven! These truly are the Best keto buns you've ever had!

Easy Peezy mix - bake at home with simple ingredients. Dump the dry mix into store-bought carton egg whites, apple cider vinegar, and water! We've got the recipe perfected, and we've sourced the uncommon ingredients, all you need to do is mix, scoop and bake! You'll have fresh, keto-friendly, gluten-free buns within minutes!

...finally, your low carb life can have a semblance of normalcy. Kids Lunches, Work Lunches, Road Trips, Fast Food Burgers and Subs... don't leave home without your buns. :-) 

Makes 8 - Hamburger Size Buns (3 1/2" diameter) 

Make baguettes, dinner rolls, sliders, English muffins, pizza bread and more. 

Necessary Additions: carton egg whites, vinegar

Dairy FREE!

Stores well in refrigerator or freezer. 

Baked Bun Macros = Fat 13 • Net Carb 2 • Protein 9

Best EVER Sandwich Buns -  Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Becky's Notes | The Backstory

Best EVER Sandwich Buns

When our autistic kids were in junior high we learned some information about gut health that caused us to put the whole family on a starch-free diet. This was difficult with lunches for school and just in general because little did we realize it, but we relied heavily on breads, tortillas and wraps to make their lunches! What to make now? What will they eat? We knew nothing else but to make them lettuce wraps and you know those went straight into the bin at lunch time, saving embarrassment and stares…that diet lasted only 6 months for us because at that time, there were just no good alternatives for starch free ingredients or products out there. Sadly it was too hard to sustain long-term for us.

This is the story for many people wanting better health for their family, but seeing no alternatives. 

Fast forward to those kiddos now out of school but battling autism, diabetes, ADHD, gut issues and now epilepsy. Time for starch-free again. But this time we needed bread.

I wanted bread that tasted like REAL BREAD. I tried so many recipes with unearthly amounts of psyllium (acts like gluten) - think gastric distress...and that psyllium taste? Cardboard is better. It got super old, super fast.

So I set to work developing a recipe that we wouldn’t get tired of, something that could hold up well for a burger or saucy meatball sandwich. Something that looks NORMAL to take to work or school!  A bread that could be toasted and taste divine, but didn’t need toasting to be delicious. It couldn’t be purple. (some of you know what I’m talking about, lol) that would never do! 

Guys, this keto baking science is a whole different animal! It’s not what we grew up with! So tricky!

After studying many of the emerging great keto bakers out there online and buying ALL of their cookbooks, trial upon trial, and studying these special ingredients’ behavior - we finally got it! 

A fluffy gluten-free, light on the inside, golden on the outside, yeasty delicious, low-carb bread! I’m super proud of our product - so far I have not seen anything like it anywhere else. We hope to produce them as finished bread products eventually for commercial outlets. They’re that good. You can make any shape! Sub buns, hot dog buns, baguettes, dinner rolls - just vary the baking times according to size.

And even better, they don’t require kneading or raising time! I’ve developed this mix to be added to the most simple 3 ingredients: water, vinegar and egg whites (from a carton is fine! Who wants to crack and separate eggs?)  The simpler the better - so we can get on with what matters in our day.


Health Benefits of Best EVER Sandwich Buns

Almond Flour - contains quality fats, fiber, protein and vitamins

Oat Fiber - gluten free and not to be confused with oat flour. It is the outer non-digestible hull - gives a feeling of fullness, helps with elimination, zero calorie, zero carb. Insoluble fiber. 

Stevia - may aid in weight loss, lower blood pressure, help control diabetes, may prevent certain forms of cancer. Also known to possess anti-diarrheal, anti-hyperglycemic, antihypertensive, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, and immune-modulatory effects.

Himalayan Pink Salt - balanced minerals, helps conduct brain signaling, balances electrolytes

Egg Whites - protein source

Organic Vinegar - mineral source

My goal is to make starch - free, low-carb living easier.

If we need bread, we whip it up in 2 minutes and pull it fresh and hot out of the oven! 

Bread for the week, done! 

And while the oven is on I can easily mix up our (insanely delicious) Special Chocolate Cupcakes for little one’s GF birthday party substitute cupcake! (They can be frozen, and pulled out when there’s a party at school)

Easy button! 

Here’s to your EASY HEALTHY <3

Love, Becky

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