Rich Chocolate Cupcakes & Cakes | 2g net carb
Rich Chocolate Cupcakes & Cakes | 2g net carb
Rich Chocolate Cupcakes & Cakes | 2g net carb
Rich Chocolate Cupcakes & Cakes | 2g net carb

Rich Chocolate Cupcakes & Cakes | 2g net carb

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Just 3 net carbs per cupcake! Rich, moist, ultra chocolatey and oh so delicious keto cupcakes (or cake) ... this special mix includes nourishing collagen peptides! So nutritious you could eat your cupcake for breakfast!

Purchase multiple bags to create a multiple layer cake. Wrapped well they freeze perfectly.

Frost with our Buttercream Frosting! (Comes in Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry - purchased separately)

Makes 12 full-sized cupcakes, 31 mini cupcakes or 1 - 9" layer 

Necessary additions: eggs, butter, heavy cream, unsweetened nut milk

For Dairy Free use: coconut oil (unflavored or butter flavored), coconut cream (neutral-flavored brand)

Baked standard size Cupcake Macros = Fat 13, Net Carbs 2, Protein 6

The Backstory

This product came about when I overheard a beautiful young friend in church share that she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to have birthday cake this year. I knew she was on a strict detox for serious health reasons and had to be off all sugar and processed carbs. I offered to make her a birthday cake without sugar or carbs and when I delivered it, the look on her face I will remember forever. She was so touched. Such a small thing can bring so much joy. I was delighted to hear that she savored a piece every day for her whole birthday week after sharing it with friends at her party. She loved it. Yay!  It's a very special cake as the name says! I hope you like it, too.

Dark, moist rich chocolate that only gets better with time. We like it better than traditional chocolate cake that dries out fast and gets crumbly. And it's especially yummy with our keto buttercream frosting on top!

Making cakes or cupcakes for your family or friends is super easy now with this mix and they'll be treated to deliciousness that promotes their health instead of compromising it!

Cake: 2 layers high = 2 bags of mix, 3 layers high = 3 bags of mix. It's not inexpensive, granted. But it's worth it! And it's still wayyy less money than what they charge at Keto Bakeries ($125 - if you are lucky enough to find a Keto Bakery)

Worthy of a special occasions cake or everyday cupcakes. Mmmm!

Here's to your EASY HEALTHY!

Love, Becky <3

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