3 PK Sweet Maple Waffles & Pancakes Mix
3 PK Sweet Maple Waffles & Pancakes Mix
3 PK Sweet Maple Waffles & Pancakes Mix
3 PK Sweet Maple Waffles & Pancakes Mix

3 PK Sweet Maple Waffles & Pancakes Mix

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Just 2 net carbs per serving!Do you ever get a "hankerin'" for pancakes or waffles? But don't want to send your blood sugar sky high? Well, your wish just came true!

We love our new keto waffle and pancake mix for so many reasons! Not only are they low carb, but they're chock full of a superstar SUPERFOOD! 
Grass Fed Collagen! The benefits of collagen are numerous! It's a clean, non dairy protein source, providing joint and tissue support, and promoting overall wellness. Our body's production of collagen declines with age and now you can boost it everytime you eat your waffles! We've included a large amount in these babies!
You'll love the taste of these waffles or pancakes - lightly sweet with a hint of maple - great fresh from the griddle (even without syrup) or also great for Griddle Sandwiches! mmm

We know that they're not really a "bake" but we received several requests to create a delicious, unique keto pancake mix that is truly clean and low carb.

10 things we love about our keto Sweet Maple Waffles & Pancakes Mix: 

1. They taste great!
2. They're easy! Use your blender and pour from there
3. You can make a half batch if you want
4. They freeze well retaining a nice texture when reheated.
5. They make either pancakes or waffles
6. They use regular staple keto ingredients.
7. They can be prepared as dairiy free!
8. They retain that nice mild maple flavor when reheated. 
9. Make great sandwiches!
10. Feels like a big carby breakfast yet you still feel energized and clear headed!

Makes about 8 large round waffles or 10 square belgian waffles, 18 small pancakes

Necessary Additions: eggs, cream, MCT or Avocado Oil

Dairy Free Keto waffle / pancake preparation option: mild flavored canned coconut milk in place of cream or substitute with more MCT or Avocado Oil.

Leftover waffles and pancakes store well in the refrigerator or can be frozen if well wrapped. 

Per Waffle Macros = Fat 23 • Net Carb 2 • Protein 10


Becky's Notes

Our own family loves pancakes but honestly every recipe I've EVER tried online I've been disappointed with. They were just ok or downright yukky. Dry. Coconutty, Thick and Almondy. Or overly eggy! If I want an omelet, I will make an omelet, you know?
Several requests have come in for a good clean keto waffle and pancake mix. And after researching what was already out there in the low carb world, I came to realize that many "keto" manufacturers don't care about including starches! It's a convenient filler. I'm not ok with that.
I wanted a clean pancake and waffle mix that our family would LOVE.  Many, many trials later - here we are! A creamy crispy, light but filling low carb waffle or pancake that makes us happy!

Are they like gluten filled wheat based pancakes? Nope. But by now you probably know to expect different with low carb goods. 
We think keto pancakes should still have a great texture and flavor, though! And these hit the mark.

Here's to your Easy Healthy!
I hope you love them like we do.