Our Passion

We are on a mission to change America's health landscape.

We are committed to the highest standard of ingredients, using organic as much as possible and always non-gmo among other standards. An example, our zero carb oat fiber is Glyphosate tested and certified gluten free. And you won't find any soy, maltodextrin, yeast extracts or other common "acceptable to others" ingredients we don't eat ourselves We're pretty picky and it seems you appreciate that, too.

As always we are gluten free and sugar free and here's what sets us apart in the keto and diabetic food space:

We are 100% STARCH FREE.

No other company can say that. It's a cheap filler. Yes, it makes things easier to formulate, and tastes so good. But starch turns to sugar in the body and as you know, higher blood sugar creates system errors leading to a host of maladies.

This is why folks monitoring their blood sugars closely, LOVE our products because they see little to NO RISE in glucose levels after consumption!