Our Story

Just before the pandemic we started KetoBakes 1.0 with a desire to provide foods that would support the ketogenic and diabetic community. Our own keto family was missing fun low carb foods to go with our meat and veg.... there was nothing out there that met our standards. So we formulated some pretty tasty products, without compromising on strict ingredient standards. No gluten, no sugar, no starches! That's tricky to do! And the response was wonderful.

The first year we far surpassed all expectations in sales. The second year we grew yet again! We then needed to find a bigger facility. We did contract one, but needed to build it out... which costs a lot of money. Year three we got a sizeable SBA loan to do that and amp up production. Then the economy fell out and Prime interest rate almost doubled. It was a recipe for disaster.

In July, 2023 we found ourselves declaring bankruptcy as the unbearable load became impossible. It was a sad, sad moment. 

The outpouring of love from our customers was unbelievably overwhelming and we realized how life-changing our products really are to so many of our customers. At that point we decided that as soon as we could, we would personally like to serve our faithful customers again, whenever the dust settled, starting small scale. 

So from our hearts to yours - welcome back!

...  to KetoBakes 2.0

Update: June 2024

We are heartbroken to share with you, our KetoBakes family, that Mark went to be with Jesus in April, after a short, brave fight with cancer. He was strong right up to the end, which the medical community was stunned by and attributed to his healthy lifestyle. Please don't take a single day with a loved one for granted.

We carry on with this business that he poured himself into for our future. Thank you for your sympathies and love through this heartwrenching experience. And thank you for your continued business. We love and appreciate you. <3 Becky