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Clean Keto

 You will never find starches from grains or vegetables in any of our products! Not only are we Macro conscious but we are committed to being Gut and Brain Friendly!

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Gluten Free

Our commitment is to clean ingredients (organic when possible) and that means absolutely NO GLUTEN. Packaged in a gluten-free facility. Celiac friendly.

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Clean Sugar Free

Our goal is to surprise and delight your taste buds! Our unique sweetener is a pure and natural zero carb blend. Pops like sugar! No artificial sweetener. Diabetic friendly!

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Why KetoBakes? What sets us apart?

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The problem with keto breads in the low carb marketplace has been that this kind of bread lacks grain, so manufacturers will add wheat gluten for structure! It has been virtually impossible to find low-carb AND gluten-free baked goods! Until now.


My T1 diabetic daughter LOVED this bread and told me it was her absolute favorite!  We have tried several recipes from the internet, many of which have a lot of psyllium husk which sometimes upsets her tummy. No upset tummy here! And this bread kept her blood sugars flat with no delayed rise!

Jackie Z.

The Keto buns were quick and simple to make. The hardest part was waiting after taking them out of the oven before I could bite into one! They taste delicious!  With only 2g of net carbs and loaded with fiber, these buns are something my whole family can enjoy and still stay within our personal health needs. With KetoBakes, I don't feel like I'm missing out on "normal" food.

Kristie W.

When the KetoBakes Buns come out of the oven you just want to devour them! Great flavor and according to my husband who is a bread connoisseur, “this bread is fantastic!!” He had no idea he was eating any kind of “special” bread. When I told him he was totally surprised.

Barbara R.

My parents own a specialty low-carb chocolate company so I've had my share of clean, low-carb desserts in my day...but this chocolate cake is the BEST! So rich and moist. I wouldn't even know it's healthy, let alone low-carb and gluten free. Thanks for making my birthday special!


I made the bread. It's delicious and very easy to make. I'm a happy customer!

Danny F.
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Our Story

We adopted the keto lifestyle after multiple health issues surfaced in our family --my husband was getting shots for pain in his joints, his ADD was getting worse with age, our daughter needed to be gluten free, our adopted daughter had metabolic disorders and learning disabilities, our other adopted daughter began having seizures after consuming artificial sweeteners at school, and to top it all off our adopted son was discovered at 19 to be a T1 diabetic! I was looking for a little weight loss and more energy to deal with all that -- LOL! I learned that the common denominator was that we all were battling inflammation in one way or another. It just shows up differently from person to person. Read More