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"LOOOOVE this company!  They gave bread, cookies, pizza crust, and biscuits back to my daughter, who has type 1 diabetes and celiac.  Their products are so healthy, taste great, and are extremely blood sugar friendly.  Game changer! "

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Our commitment is to clean ingredients (organic when possible) and that means absolutely --NO GLUTEN or starches. Packaged in a gluten-free facility. Celiac friendly.

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Our goal is to surprise and delight your taste buds! Our unique sweetener is a pure and natural zero carb blend that tastes like sugar! No artificial sweetener. Diabetic friendly!

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My T1 diabetic daughter LOVES Best Ever Sandwich Buns - she tells me it's her absolute favorite!  We have tried several recipes from the internet, many of which upset her tummy. No upset tummy here! And this bread keeps her blood sugars flat with no delayed rise!

Jackie Z.

Best keto bread I’ve tasted. And I’ve tasted a lot. I just made a $350 order. We've had the Sandwich buns, lemon loaf, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, waffles, biscuits, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and cinnamon rolls. I think we’ve tried and ordered a 3 pack of everything. If you're on the fence about any products from KetoBakes don’t hesitate. Order. They are fabulous!

Shaun Ladd

KetoBakes,  I’m amazed with the quality of your products. You’ve really managed to transcend all other keto baking  mixes... we’ve tried a lot. Thank you!

Athena Levesque

My parents own a specialty low-carb chocolate company so I've had my share of clean, low-carb desserts in my day...but this chocolate cake is the BEST! So rich and moist. I wouldn't even know it's healthy, let alone low-carb and gluten free. Thanks for making my birthday special!


I made the bread. It's delicious and very easy to make. I'm a happy customer!

Danny F.

"The problem with keto breads in the low carb marketplace has been that this kind of bread lacks grain, so manufacturers will add wheat gluten and starches for structure! It has been virtually impossible to find low-carb, starch-free AND gluten-free --Until now."

Becky Potterbaum, Recipe Developer

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